Support & FAQ

The academy's objective is to expose you to the enjoyment of photography and digital arts. Staff is available to assist you in the process of discovering you style, creativity, skills and technique.

How long do the classes last?

Classes last for a duration of three to six weeks and meet once a week. The classes for younger children are 50 minutes and the others are 90 minutes to two hours. See specific class for details.

Tuition Refund Policy

The General Tuition Fee, which includes students assessed fees, is refundable in accordance with the following schedule when a student resigns from the academy after completing the registration process.

Fall, Spring, Summer Semester

  • Before Classes begin 90% refund
  • First day of class 75% refund
  • After first class 50% refund

Refunds in 7-10 business days

Exception to the policy based on mitigating circumstances

Any exception to this policy based on mitigating circumstances such as an accident or other extreme occurrences must have prior
approval of the DVA staff.

Where a student is enrolled in classes, which are cancelled due to insufficient enrollees or other reasons, the student shall be entitled
to a full refund of all fees applicable to those courses. In all other instances, the regular refund policy shall apply.

What if I don't have a camera?

Some of the introductory classes do not require a camera. If a camera is required, DVA staff can assist you with your camera selection based on your budget and intended use. You may choose to rent and camera from DVA for the duration of the class. A deposit is required for all camera rentals.