Company Information

Modern digital cameras, and film cameras, take care of the technical details for us, but because of this, rather than in spite of it, our brains are lulled into non-thinking, automatic mode, we think the camera is going to do it all for us. Our classes will teach you how to control your camera so it takes the photo the way you see it in your imagination.

We have asked Stephan Isom a Phoenix area graphic artist to find us three kids to help us get the message out about DVA. I would like you to meet our crew of Lenz Cap, Flash and Digit. They are at the top of the pages and will be with us to make things happen.

DVA owner, Barney Hilton Murray teaches Digital Media Arts at a local charter school and holds a Level One fingerprint clearance with the State of Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Digital Vision Academy is currently holding class on the campus of Eastpointe High School. For more information call DVA at (520) 390-4723. For directions click here.


Our Values
Our values are based on Biblical standards and a respect for the God given creativity in us all and its outward expression which is uniquely you.
Customer Service
We will continue to solicit feedback regarding our curriculum, policies and procedures to insure the best possible learning experience. If you need special accommodations to participate in any of the classes, please let us know at the time of registration.
A Christian Company
We are a Christian owned and operated company and how we conduct ourselves and business will be based on Biblical principles and respect for each other and our students. Our Shutterbug class for children will be using Bible stories as the bases for some of their homework photo assignments.
Special Projects
DVA will be hosting special projects, shows and events for our students to participate in. These will include photo galleries, competitions, annual photo calendar fundraisers.

We are always soliciting donations of cameras in good working condition for youth students who might want to take the classes but do not have a camera. If you would like to donate a camera, lenses or accessories, please call our office so we can makethe necessary arrangements.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to our scholarship fund, please call the office for more information.

Our Commitment
Present photography in a fun and enjoyable way and to equipt you with the skills and techniques necessary to help you take the best photographs you can.



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